As we all know, the landscape of the music industry continues to change. For example, while popular artists used to be able to make money by selling records alone, these days the real income is to be earned by performing live. However, music producers have been in consistent demand and some would argue are less subject to fluctuations in the business. That’s why so many are keen to obtain a Diploma in Music Production and Audio Engineering!

If you love music but don’t necessarily see yourself as band member, this is certainly one viable career to pursue. As mentioned, the music industry is constantly evolving and, as such, can be difficult to navigate. [Read more...]

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I Like Playing with the Kendama Too

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My son saw some kids at the local playground playing with a new toy. At least, I thought it was something new that had just come out, but I later found out that this toy is older than what I am. In fact, it is older than anyone who is alive right now. Though its origin is in question, no one disputes the fact that this toy has been around since the 1700s and possibly even earlier. I wanted to find out more and possibly buy one for my son, and I found the info I needed at

Looking at the wooden toy, it really does not seem like its very much of anything. It has a spike that has a string attached to a wooden ball that sits on the spike. I could not tell if it was something like a yo yo or something entirely different. [Read more...]

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Grooming the Perfect Company Manager

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Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and let someone else take control of things, but if you put the right person in charge to do it, and give them the right direction, then they’ll do as good of a job as you. When I started my company, I was taking the role of both the manager and the owner, using a hands on approach to running things. The task of doing both is daunting and time consuming, so I decided to put someone through manager coaching and groom them to take over the manager role while I run everything else behind the scenes.

Before hiring anyone for the manager position, I had to think long and hard about who would be able to fill the role while still creating a cohesive work environment for everyone else at the company. [Read more...]

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As someone who has been dancing all my life, I don’t relish the thought of not being able to do it one day when I’m in my eighties. A lot of people work hard to save for retirement so that they can just relax once that day comes. But I don’t ever want to give up what I love, which is dancing. While I don’t actually perform on stage anymore, I do it in my home studio for fun. I found the Australian Dance Teachers Institute online, and it had me absolutely intrigued because they offer classes that will teach you how to teach others. And you can even do it all online.

I found myself coming home from my office job every night wishing that I no longer had to work in an office. [Read more...]

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Thinking About How Hard Homeschooling Would Be

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Obviously it is really expensive to have child care when your kids are too young to go to school, so we had decided that Marie could stay home with our kids and my sister’s kid too. When you go out and look at the cost of putting three kids in a kindergarten it comes out to around five hundred and fifty dollars per week, if you get a good deal. So Marie has been watching the kids and working from home freelancing. Right now we are looking at homeschool kits and thinking about how difficult it would be for us to continue when James is old enough to start first grade. Of course he can already read and write, we assume that Marie has already taught him pretty much all of the stuff that he would learn in school in the first year. If he went to school he would just be learning all of that stuff again, or they would skip him ahead and he would be going to school with kids a year older than him. [Read more...]

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You Can Get Online Kung Fu Training Now

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I have always been interested in fitness and martial arts. I like the strength building and even the personal protection you learn from those arts. I have not, however, been very interested in a lot of the ideologies. I appreciate schools where you have to follow certain rituals of respect, but some places get carried away with it. That is why I looked for a Kung Fu online school to learn the principles of the body movements privately. I would research the philosophies for the historical context, but I did not want to be that kind of follower.

I figured that these ancient arts have survived this long because they offer something for the training of the body. I follow a different philosophy for the training of my mind. Some people get into these arts so they can be fighters that get paid or earn awards. [Read more...]

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Started Getting Ready to Go to University

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I have a couple of years left before I shall be going to University and I have to think about how to improve my grades a lot if I am going to get in one of the best schools. I have the grades to get in a lot of places, but not the ones which would impress every person in a job interview. I am thinking about what it would cost to hire a tuition agency in Singapore right now and how much good that would do me. I am pretty good at most math subjects, aside from Trig which of course requires that you memorize all sorts of things. That gives me a whole lot of trouble and I have to practice a whole lot before a test. [Read more...]

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I Have Been Having a Good Time So Far

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I have been having a good time so far, but of course I do not really do much over here. I am pretty much the beneficiary of the fact that Michelle has gotten an enormous raise here. I am going to a Singapore business school, but I watch the kids and take them around to see the sights. If you were in to criminal mischief, then this would be a lousy place to be. I was out taking some pictures the other day and I saw this other tourist get a ticket for missing the trash bin with his sandwich wrapper. The sad thing was that he was scurrying after it and trying to pick it up when the police officer stopped him and gave him the ticket. [Read more...]

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How Integrated Pest Management Works in Schools

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the practice of preventing and managing pests by employing methods that minimize pesticide use. Commercial pest control services that use IPM in schools do so by modifying pest habitats, sealing entryways, using sanitation practices, performing or recommending structural repairs, and using organic and natural techniques to manage landscapes and playing fields. If a pest control company must use a pesticide, the product containing the least amount of toxins possible is chosen.

Schools are as vulnerable to infestations as homes. Despite the fact that the use of low-impact pest strategies is becoming more popular, many schools still choose to hire commercial pest control services that use blanket pesticide applications to manage and control unwanted invaders. However, the overuse of chemicals in pesticides can negatively affect the health and development of children and youths. [Read more...]

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Some of the Major Problems Affecting Our Schools

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There are a plethora of serious problems that are facing educators around the world. A few of these problems include things likeschool sanitation, school overcrowding and violence in the school place. A school that is either unsanitary, or overcrowded, or a violent school is not and never will be a place that is conducive to learning. For that reason educators are currently dedicating a lot of their time and a lot of their resources trying to figure out what are some things that they can do in order to successfully tackle these huge problems that are looming over the educational system.

School Sanitation

Some examples of this can be seen in programs and initiatives that have been started in countries like India. India has instituted the National School Sanitation Initiative. Schools are able to log into a website, and see how their school is ranking as far as sanitation is concerned. [Read more...]

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Overcrowded Schools Require Extra Sanitation Efforts

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We all know that disease spreads quickly when people are in tight quarters. Remember the recent outbreaks of Norovirus on a number of large cruise ships? Schools are similar to cruise ships, in that large numbers of people are enclosed in a fairly small area for many hours. Colds and viruses, like the flu and whooping cough, can spread like wildfire in these situations.

Bacteria doubles every twenty minutes, from bacteria found in the school bathroom, to bacteria on the desks. When you take school overcrowding into consideration, the scenario becomes even more serious. According to the United States Department of Education, 22% of American schools are overcrowded. Too many students, and not enough space, turn the school into a sort of petri dish where any and every disease is apt to proliferate.

In this situation, school sanitation becomes an issue of high importance. Preventative measures must exist in every section of the school, to ensure the spread of disease is kept to a minimum. The most important places to focus sanitation efforts on are the cafeteria and the bathrooms. [Read more...]

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Put Your Child into the Right School

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It is good to know that a parent is not obligated to send their child to the schools that corresponds to their area. Quite often parents think that they only can send their child to a certain school. Even if they are not happy with the school that the child is attending, they do not realize that they have other free options as well.

A good parent wants to send their child to a great school, where they’re going to be able to get a great education and where they’re not going to have to worry about so many other things. Since school is difficult enough for many children, it is really up to a parent to make sure that their child is going to the right school for them. There are many things that a parent should think about when choosing a good school for their child. For many parents it is important that their child go to a school that is divers. [Read more...]

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Top Problems with Public Schools

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There are many issues that affect publics schools today but, according to the National Center for Educational Statisticsfamily factors seem to drive most of the serious problems in public schools.

High on the list and considered “serious” problems by educators are overall lack of parental involvement, poverty, and parental alcoholism.

Student alcohol and drug abuse is also a large problem but is on the decline, contrary to popular belief. Weapons possession was reported as a problem by less than 3% of teachers and less than .5% of principals.

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