How Integrated Pest Management Works in Schools

19 December 2012, 12:20 admin posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the practice of preventing and managing pests by employing methods that minimize pesticide use. Commercial pest control services that use IPM in schools do so by modifying pest habitats, sealing entryways, using sanitation practices, performing or recommending structural repairs, and using organic and natural techniques to manage landscapes and playing fields. If a pest control company must use a pesticide, the product containing the least amount of toxins possible is chosen.

Schools are as vulnerable to infestations as homes. Despite the fact that the use of low-impact pest strategies is becoming more popular, many schools still choose to hire commercial pest control services that use blanket pesticide applications to manage and control unwanted invaders. However, the overuse of chemicals in pesticides can negatively affect the health and development of children and youths. [Read more...]

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