Grooming the Perfect Company Manager

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Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and let someone else take control of things, but if you put the right person in charge to do it, and give them the right direction, then they’ll do as good of a job as you. When I started my company, I was taking the role of both the manager and the owner, using a hands on approach to running things. The task of doing both is daunting and time consuming, so I decided to put someone through manager coaching and groom them to take over the manager role while I run everything else behind the scenes.

Before hiring anyone for the manager position, I had to think long and hard about who would be able to fill the role while still creating a cohesive work environment for everyone else at the company. Some people get into the manager position and start running things like a dictatorship, barking orders at everyone and making the entire work experience a living hell for everyone until they just decided to quit. I’d rather keep my employees as long as they want to be there and have them be happy while they’re working there.

Once I had the perfect candidate for the job, I sent him through the coaching program. He worked with a group to learn the basics of what makes a good manager and it really helped in the development process. I saw him grow as a person and he became the perfect mold for what makes a great manager. On his first day on the job in the manager role, he was able to give everyone proper direction without making it look like he was some kind of hard hearted general. He was also able to handle problems that came up on the job as if they were nothing. I know I made the right choice with him.

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