I Felt Like I Needed to Change My Career So That I Could Finally Be Happy

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As someone who has been dancing all my life, I don’t relish the thought of not being able to do it one day when I’m in my eighties. A lot of people work hard to save for retirement so that they can just relax once that day comes. But I don’t ever want to give up what I love, which is dancing. While I don’t actually perform on stage anymore, I do it in my home studio for fun. I found the Australian Dance Teachers Institute online, and it had me absolutely intrigued because they offer classes that will teach you how to teach others. And you can even do it all online.

I found myself coming home from my office job every night wishing that I no longer had to work in an office. I dreaded going to sleep every night because I knew that as soon as I woke up, I would have to race around to get ready for going to an office that bored me. I just felt like I was doing things every day for the company that I worked for that weren’t as meaningful to me as I hoped they would be. I helped people with the work that I did every day, but there was no meaning in it for me. It became depressing, and I had to figure out how to change that because I deserve some happiness, too.

I signed up for the classes at the institute I found online. I was really pleased to see that you can network with other dancers online through the site. I have had the chance to meet people from all over the world, including dancers who live near me in my own state. I have been learning a lot, and when I graduate from my classes, I will be able to open my own studio and teach others.

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