I Have Been Having a Good Time So Far

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I have been having a good time so far, but of course I do not really do much over here. I am pretty much the beneficiary of the fact that Michelle has gotten an enormous raise here. I am going to a Singapore business school, but I watch the kids and take them around to see the sights. If you were in to criminal mischief, then this would be a lousy place to be. I was out taking some pictures the other day and I saw this other tourist get a ticket for missing the trash bin with his sandwich wrapper. The sad thing was that he was scurrying after it and trying to pick it up when the police officer stopped him and gave him the ticket. Obviously he was trying to retrieve the debris when the police officer prevented him from doing it. The wind was up and it is not very likely that he was going to be able to catch it though.

At any rate I am doing quite well. I have been studying my photography and I am thinking about trying to pick up a bit of free lance work in that field. I have sold a couple of travel photos in the past and I was thinking about taking the family to the island of Penang. They have a huge number of tourists up there. Some of it is like Spring break at times of the year when the college students are out on break, but they have all sorts of beach resorts and these incredible Buddhist sites. I do not know if you would call them temples or shrines, but they are absolutely fascinating to me. They look rather like the Hindu temples that you might see in the southern part of India.

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