I Like Playing with the Kendama Too

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My son saw some kids at the local playground playing with a new toy. At least, I thought it was something new that had just come out, but I later found out that this toy is older than what I am. In fact, it is older than anyone who is alive right now. Though its origin is in question, no one disputes the fact that this toy has been around since the 1700s and possibly even earlier. I wanted to find out more and possibly buy one for my son, and I found the info I needed at https://bestkendama.ro.

Looking at the wooden toy, it really does not seem like its very much of anything. It has a spike that has a string attached to a wooden ball that sits on the spike. I could not tell if it was something like a yo yo or something entirely different. After watching a video on this site, I realized that it is much more complex than a yo yo. There are a number of tricks that can be done with this wooden toy, and anyone from a young child to an elderly person can use it to perform these tricks.

I purchased one for my son, and I had no idea that I would have as much fun with it as he was having. He showed me some basics, which he learned within the first hour of using it. Some of the more complicated tricks took much longer, but the fun was in the challenge of getting it right. I am having so much fun using my son’s kendama that I am going to purchase one for myself too. If anyone would have asked me even a few weeks ago if I would end up playing with a wooden toy, I would have laughed for the longest time. Now look at me!

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