Some of the Major Problems Affecting Our Schools

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There are a plethora of serious problems that are facing educators around the world. A few of these problems include things likeschool sanitation, school overcrowding and violence in the school place. A school that is either unsanitary, or overcrowded, or a violent school is not and never will be a place that is conducive to learning. For that reason educators are currently dedicating a lot of their time and a lot of their resources trying to figure out what are some things that they can do in order to successfully tackle these huge problems that are looming over the educational system.

School Sanitation

Some examples of this can be seen in programs and initiatives that have been started in countries like India. India has instituted the National School Sanitation Initiative. Schools are able to log into a website, and see how their school is ranking as far as sanitation is concerned. Every few months a school administrator can login to the website, and see how any improvements that they have made have affected their overall sanitation ranking.

School Overcrowding

In the United States schools in New York City are disproportionately affected by overcrowding. This is due to two primary factors. One factor is the larger birthrate that New York City has experienced in the past few years, and the second factor is the influx of immigrants that make New York City their home and then enroll their children in the New York City school system. In order to combat this problem New York City is looking at multiple initiatives that include leasing property that can be used for schools, extending the school day so that students can be in half day shifts, or making the school year 365 days long.

School violence

School violence is a pandemic that has spread around the world. Every year we are horrified as we hear stories of horrific acts of violence perpetrated by a school-age student against his teachers and fellow classmates. Around the world many programs have been installed focusing on identifying young people who are at risk for engaging in this type of violence and providing them with the counseling necessary in order to prevent these acts of violence from ever taking place in school.

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