Started Getting Ready to Go to University

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I have a couple of years left before I shall be going to University and I have to think about how to improve my grades a lot if I am going to get in one of the best schools. I have the grades to get in a lot of places, but not the ones which would impress every person in a job interview. I am thinking about what it would cost to hire a tuition agency in Singapore right now and how much good that would do me. I am pretty good at most math subjects, aside from Trig which of course requires that you memorize all sorts of things. That gives me a whole lot of trouble and I have to practice a whole lot before a test. Of course that has some real world applications, especially in physics and engineering. However if you were doing stuff like that out on the job you would look up stuff like that before you made your calculations. I am thinking pretty hard about which university I want to go to. My Dad went to the Imperial College of London and that is where he thinks that I should go. Of course I am sort of thinking about the University of New South Wales in Australia, that is where this girl I like is going to go. Of course she is a couple of years older than I am and she does not seem all that interested in me. So that seems a little bit foolish if you are going to make it the rationale for such an important decision. Right now I am not going to be able to pick and choose like that though. I am going to have to put in a whole lot of work before I can too.

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