Thinking About How Hard Homeschooling Would Be

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Obviously it is really expensive to have child care when your kids are too young to go to school, so we had decided that Marie could stay home with our kids and my sister’s kid too. When you go out and look at the cost of putting three kids in a kindergarten it comes out to around five hundred and fifty dollars per week, if you get a good deal. So Marie has been watching the kids and working from home freelancing. Right now we are looking at homeschool kits and thinking about how difficult it would be for us to continue when James is old enough to start first grade. Of course he can already read and write, we assume that Marie has already taught him pretty much all of the stuff that he would learn in school in the first year. If he went to school he would just be learning all of that stuff again, or they would skip him ahead and he would be going to school with kids a year older than him.

It is clear that there are a lot of things to consider, but right now Marie has actually figured out ways that she can make a pretty good income from home. She is pretty much doing her old job for the same take home pay, except it only takes up a fraction of the time and she has no benefits. We have figured that out though, but the fact remains that she is making good enough money by doing her old job on her own time and from our home. She thinks she has plenty of time to do that, teach the kids and run the house. Of course you are not going to jump into something this big without thinking it all of the way through.

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