Ways To Make A Dental Office Kid-Friendly

Few people really like visiting dentists. This applies more so to kids. The thought of going to a dentist can make a kid scared. Imagining his or her tooth being pulled out can create nervous feelings. It is important to create an ambiance within a dental office that makes a kid feel a bit comfortable.

Designing a dental office in a kid-friendly manner ensures that a kid is at ease when he or she visits for an appointment. It should be inviting to young patients. There are several ways that can be applied to make a dental office kid-friendly including:

1. The waiting area should be filled with materials that entertain kids.

Comic books can be used to achieve this. Kids love cartoons. Having televisions that air cartoons will be perfect. These make kids feel relaxed and less anxious. Distraction can be best achieved by the use of such materials and devices.

Activity tables and toys within a waiting area can distract kids. They can engage in activities as they wait to be seen. Posters of kid-friendly characters such as SpongeBob should be stuck on the walls of a waiting area. Colorful paintings should be splashed all over these walls. This helps calm kids while they wait to meet their dentists.

2. Hallways that lead to a dentist’s office should be spruced up.

This makes kids feel less nervous as they walk towards a dentist’s office. Colorful paintings should be all around hallways, especially if they are long.

Photographs of happy kids who are smiling can be stuck in the hallways. These are pleasing sights for kids. They make them feel less intimidated about the visit to a dentist’s office. Plain or adult-themed hallways can be terrifying for little kids.

3. Always make sure that the staff members are friendly.

They should first introduce themselves to the parents or guardians of a child. Thereafter, they can proceed to introduce themselves to the child. This ensures that trust is built with the young patient.

A young patient will be more comfortable to say hi to a person who has already engaged with his or her parents. Staff members should introduce themselves by their names. They can trust that person easily.

4. Learn the difference between asking and telling.

Asking a child to do something will often lead to a negative response. It is best to tell a child to perform a task. For instance, one should not ask a child if he or she wants to take a seat. He should tell the child to take a seat. This should be done in a polite manner.

5. Make sure you explain what is going to be done to a child.

Always find a way to communicate about the procedures in a manner that can be understood by a child. Explaining procedures using very technical terms should not be done.

Using phrases like pictures instead of x-rays will make a child understand what you are talking about. Humor can be used during such explanations. This will deal with tensions and eliminate fear.

6. Kids love presents.

Always find ways to reward kids. While they wait to meet their dentists, let them anticipate rewards. Having a visible prize box in the waiting room or the dentist’s office will go a long way in making kids more comfortable.

They will anticipate a present after their appointments. This will make them more cooperative. Reminding them of the presents should be done throughout their appointments.

7. Questions need to be asked by staff members about the interests of the child.

The favorite things that a kid loves to do should be noted. The school and grade they are in should also be asked.

The interests of children can create rapport with their dentists. These interests need to be communicated to a dentist before one’s appointment. Trust can be built when a kid realizes that his or her dentist knows what he or she likes.

The treatment rooms should be kid-friendly too. This will ensure that kids are not terrified when dentists are performing procedures. Blue lightning within such rooms makes kids more comfortable. In addition, parents should accompany them to treatment rooms.

Making young patients comfortable is very important in order to ensure that dental procedures run smoothly. The occurrence of injuries is also minimized when kids are relaxed. A dental office should always be kid-friendly in order for this to be achieved. This makes dental practice less terrifying for kids.

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